Lian Chee Kek Buddhist Temple and Beeh Low See Temple in welcoming the new year conducted the Blessing Dharma Assembly, Lighting Up, and Reunion Dinner

Temple News:

On January 14, 2023, the Lian Chee Kek Buddhist Temple conducted the welcomes new year auspicious blessing prayer assembly and lighting ceremony.

The Sangha led the sprinkled holy water ceremony, lit the spring lanterns, and prostrated the Great Compassion Repentance Kshamayati Sutra.

The Venerable abbot in his Dharma speech said:

A single thought of pure faith arises, all blessings are solemn.

In general, the Chinese custom is to welcome the New Year by doing good deeds and accumulating merit.

When we have a pure mind, we can let go of all evil troubles through worship and repentance. The blessings and wisdom we cultivate are called the merits of practicing Buddhism.

In the new year, the merits of worship and repentance will bring you unlimited auspiciousness.

Thereafter the ceremony, a vegetarian steamboat feast will be held to celebrate the New Year.

On January 15th morning, Beeh Low See Temple welcomed the auspicious new year, the residential sangha led all devotees to prostrate and chant the great compassion Cundi Repentance Kshamayati Sutra.

On the day, the live online was broadcast.

The Venerable abbot led the sangha to sprinkle holy water around the compound of the Dharma hall and lighting up ceremony.

More than 300 devotees participated in the prayer ceremony, making offerings to the Lord Buddha.

The Venerable abbot in his Dharma speech said:

“Create no evil, cultivate all good, and purify the mind. These are the teachings of the Buddha.”

I believe that everyone will do good deeds, obtain merits, and help the poor to accumulate virtue. As long as you have kind thoughts throughout your life, you will definitely get infinite inspiration from studying Buddhism.

However, although there is induction, living in affliction and pain, the pursuit of worldly desires is unable to control, and the karma obtained cannot escape the worldly pain and affliction.

Only by practicing the Avalokitesvara Dharma through worship and repentance, and self-purification of one’s mind, the ten kinds of evil karma formed by body, speech, and mind can be transformed into ten kinds of good karma.

The great Maha Cundi Bodhisattva, saving all living beings.

Cultivating the Cundi Dharma method will definitely eliminate all desires and troubles in the world and achieve great liberation. When we imitate the bodhisattva’s compassion, vows, and practice, we will surely achieve perfect enlightenment in the future.

In the new year, you will definitely get the blessing of Buddhism, get rid of all desires and troubles created in the past world, and obtain a pure mind.

At noon after that the blessing prayer, the Sangha and devotees gathered around at the Dharma hall having the traditional vegetarian steamboat, enjoying happily to welcome the coming Chinese New Year.