The abbot of Seng Guan Temple Philippines was Awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Mahachulalongkorn University Thailand

Mahavira News:

On October 11, 2023 morning, the twenty-seventh day of the eighth lunar month, the Mahayana Seng Guan Temple in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, holds a Blessing Prayer Convention to chant for world peace as well as conduct a congratulations Ceremony for the Vice President of World Buddha Sangha Council, the President of the Buddhist Federation of Philippines, and the Abbot of Seng Guan Temple – Most Venerable Chuan Yin awarded an honorary doctorate from the Royal Mahachulalongkorn University Thailand.

Our Venerable abbot, the Senior vice-president cum secretary-general of the World Buddhist Sangha Council, Most Venerable Hui Xiong, was invited to attend the congratulations ceremony and witness the in-depth cultural exchanges of the Mahayana and Theravada monastic communities.

At 10 a.m., the abbot of Seng Guan Temple led the guests to the auditorium of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Pagoda Hall to hold the ceremony.

The Theravada Sangha burned incense, lit lamps, and devoutly chanted in Pali. All guests, as well as the Vice-President of Mahachulalongkorn University, Theravada Sangha, and Venerable Sawai, attended the celebration.

First, after the introduction of the emcee, Venerable Sawai from Thailand in his speech said, about 5 to 6 years ago when he attended the international Meeting, the secretary-general of the World Buddhist Sangha Council introduced the Venerable Chuan Yin to him and praised his great contribution and effort in Mahayana Buddhism in the Philippines and enhance the relationships between the Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism.

In particular, he leads the Buddhist Federation in the Philippines and the Academy of Sakya run by Seng Guan Temple in Manila and Davao.

Three years after the Covid-19 pandemic, Venerable Sawai is no longer in charge of academic affairs at the university. The new vice-rector of academic affairs of Mahachulalongkorn University Ven. Dr.Phramaha Chamnan Mahachano affirmed the Venerable Chuan Yin for his great contributions to the cultural exchanges between the Mahayana and Theravada Sangha in Philippine Buddhism.

The senior vice-president of the World Buddhist Sangha Council, Most Venerable Hui Xiong, said as early as nearly a hundred years ago, Philippine Buddhism was the pioneer of Southeast Asian Buddhism. Because Elder Venerable Xingyuan, Elder Venerable Ruijin, Elder Venerable Yinshun, and Elder Venerable Hong Chuan once lived in the Philippines and have worked hard to develop education, culture, welfare, and charity, etc., their contributions to society been deep in root since then. I believe that under the leadership of Venerable Chuanyin, the Buddhist Federation will be able to unite and flourish.

Later, in accordance with the university ceremonial procedures, Venerable Chuan Yin put on the Doctoral robe and held a Dharma banner symbolizing the standard of Buddha-truth as an emblem of power over the hosts of Demon.

The vice-president of Mahachulalongkorn University distributed certificates, and Venerable Sawai read out the resumes of the certificates, Venerable Chuan Yin distributed souvenirs followed by the Buddha Puja Offering.

The Theravada Sangha chant in Pali, and three Mahayana Sangha Venerable Chuan Yin, Venerable Hui Xiong, and Venerable Fa Du, the temple superintendent presided over the Puja prayer.

Thereafter photos were taken in the Maha Dharma Hall. The ceremony event was solemn and grand with hundreds of devotees attending.

I believe that under the leadership of Venerable Chuanyin, the Buddhist Federation will be able to unite and flourish.