Wihara Mahavira Graha Organized the Grand Bhaisaijyaguru Buddha Blessing Convention

Mahavira News:

On November 20, 2022, the 27th of the lunar 10th month, the Wihara Mahavira Graha Temple in Jakarta hold a grand Bhaisajyaguru Buddha Blessing Convention.

One month before the prayer convention, the residential sangha led the devotees to chant the “The Bhaisajyaguru (Medicine) Sutra”, (Skt. Bhagavanbhaisajyaguru-vaiduryaprabhasya purvapranidhana-visesa-vistara) every day.

This sutra emphasizes the liberation of sentient beings from illnesses, suffering, disasters, and misery, as well as the acquisition of prosperity and happiness in this lifetime.

On the completion day of the Blessing convention, the abbot led all sanghas and devotees to prostrate and pray the “The Great Compassion Bhaisajyaguru Buddha Jeweled Repentance Kshamayati Sutra”.

The Bhaisajyaguru (Medicine) method is the Buddha’s propagation of humanistic Buddhist ideas.

In the Buddhist Effect-based Practice:, The Bhaisajyaguru Buddha when through his practice by cultivating the precepts and wisdom diligently eventually he reached enlightenment, and his supreme 12 aspirations great vows were fulfilled.

Bhaisajyaguru (Medicine) Buddha continually turns the Wheel of Dharma, healing beings in all universes and giving teachings on all levels.

At that time, the Lord Buddha Shakyamuni Buddha, with the witness of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, of the Ten Directions Domain, talked about the Twelve Great Vows of the Bhaisajyaguru (Medicine) Buddha. During the time when World-honoured Buddha of Medicine became a Bodhisattva, he made Twelve Great Vows to grant all beings whatever they pray.

The Medicine Buddha’s Twelve Great Vows are to wish all sentient beings abundance, freedom from illness and calamities, and fulfillment of all wishes.

Buddhist chants, rites, and rituals prostrating to the Buddha, upholding the dharani or mantra, repentance prostration, and reciting the Medicine sutra to purify karma and cultivate well-being.

All sentient beings accumulate the evil sins committed before to form karma, and when the karma matures, it will form disasters.

If this karma can be turned into practice, let go of the evil thoughts of body, speech, and mind, let go of the attachments, follow the Bodhisattva’s vows, stop doing evil deeds, practice goodness, save all sentient beings, and do all things that benefit sentient beings to obtain a pure mind, purify our body, speech, and mind practice good deeds, to all people and everyone.

All living beings, through tolerance, commitment, giving, and forgiveness, can change the accumulated good karma from all the evil thoughts created in the past to good thoughts, one thought will be pure, and the consciousness of afflictions will be transformed into wisdom.

All the disasters and obstacles created by oneself will definitely be transformed into freedom from afflictions and pains, and great liberation will be achieved.

Sentient beings living in the human realm will surely be filled with Dharma joy, blessings, and wisdom.

The abbot teaches the practice of Bhaisaijyaguru Buddha Dharma to all devotees in every incense worship.

When we are able to repent with the virtues of compassion, joy, and sacrifice, do not seek externally, and will achieve a pure and joyful heart and mind.

When we devoutly repent, we need to generate visualization or thoughts in our mind, we should visualize our present parents and relatives; past life parents and relatives, the benefactors who are kind to us, and the karma debtor who hinders us, by visualizing the equality between karmic creditors, practice the Four Immeasurables of minds (Caturapramāṇāḥ), there are loving kindness (Maitri), compassion (Karuṇā), appreciation joy (Mudita) and equanimity (Upekṣā), in order to remove ill will, cruelty, jealousy, clinging and aversion.

In meditation, the Four Immeasurables are extended to all sentient beings. We should earnestly practice and uphold the Buddhadharma, practicing repentance will definitely lead to a pure mind, solemn, and great liberation.

In the morning, all donors and devotees devoutly make offerings. After the Buddha puja ceremony, the abbot lead all to do the transference merits, and delicates merits to all.

Through this merit, may all sentient beings achieve great peace and bliss, wishing them to have joy, blessing, and wisdom and attain perfect enlightenment.