The Anniversary of the Founding of the Buddhist Holy City Mahakaruna Buddhist Center Medan Conducted the Avatamsaka Repentance Kshamayati Assembly

Mahakaruna News:

On December 13-14, 2022, the Mahakaruna Buddhist Center founding anniversary and Blessing Assembly was held at the Mahakaruna Buddhist Center.

At 8.30 in the morning, the abbot led all sanghas and devotees in the sprinkling holy water ceremony and prostration to the Avatamsaka Repentance Kshamayati.

The Avatamsaka Repentance Kshamayati is the Avatamsaka Sutra’s “Entering the Dharma Realm”, and Sudhana’s 53 Pilgrimages.

The Avatamsaka-sutra, in full Mahavaipulya-buddhavatamsaka-sutra (Sanskrit: “The Great and Vast Buddha Garland Sutra”), Sudhana goes on the pilgrimage, questing for enlightenment, and sought Dharma from 53 teachers and made a great vow in front of the Samantabhadra Bodhisattva to achieve supreme enlightenment.

The Avatamsaka Sutra was spoken in the realm of humans and in the heavens.

It is upmost and known as the “King of Kings” of all Buddhist texts. It elucidates the inconceivable state of the Buddhas and the conduct of Bodhisattvas, made great vows to save all sentient beings.

The world today is facing long-term calamities, such as earthquake damage, and people are feeling helpless and lost.

If all living beings in the world can follow and imitate Bodhisattvas’ great compassionate vows and cultivate Bodhicitta.

One to bear, tolerate, forgive and forget.

The bodhicitta is like seeing a ray of light in a dark place in the world, which can eliminate the disasters, and afflict us to turn troubles into Bodhi.

The merits we have cultivated, and the seeds of becoming a Buddha will definitely be able to cease the cycle of life and death, and eventually achieve Buddhahood.

The Mahakaruna holy city has not held any large activities for four years, this is the first time conducted such a large activity.

Thereafter the Avatamsaka Kshamayati prayer, followed by the Yogacara Ulka Mukha Puja service.

The Yogacara Ulka-mukha Puja is held in accordance to the Sutra, Although the service is performed to eradicate the hollow hunger of the hungry ghosts by bestowing food and drink on them, more importantly, it is performed to deliver these beings from all sufferings through the teachings of Lord Buddha and dedicate the merits to all sentience beings, and karmic creditors.

May all beings be liberated from suffering, and the stormy waves of birth, sickness, old age, and death. To increase the blessings and wisdom of the living and achieve happiness from suffering, and the deceased are exalted to the pure land.

The next morning, the temple conducted the Offering to the Buddha & 24 Heavenly Celestial to cultivate the field of merits,

May everyone have an auspicious, happy, blissful, and longevity, free from suffering and eliminate the obstacle. As well as praying for our Nation strong and prosperity.

At noon, the temple cordially invited Sangha and devotees from Thailand, China, Singapore, Jakarta, and Medan to make offerings to offering to the Lord Buddha and Sangha, to pray for world peace and for disaster to cease.

More than 60 sanghas will be invited to accept the offerings.

Due to the gradual opening up of Southeast Asia, devotees from all over the world participated in this Dharma assembly, by practicing and devoutly repent, we can eliminate these misdeeds’ negative strength or influence in our mind.

And May the merits beneficial to all beings, be free and happy.