Overseas Sangha Masters paid homage to Vihara Dharma Batama Prapat Lake Toba
& Vihara Mahavira Madivana Graha Brastagi

Mahakaruna News:

On the morning of November 14, 2022, number of Sangha masters and devotees went to the famous Lake Toba in northern Sumatra and paid homage to Vihara Dharma Batama Prapat.

All Sangha masters from all over the world were invited to Offer Incense to Lord Buddha.

The Theravada Sangha chant the Pali text, and Mahayana Sangha chant the puja offering.

Thereafter the groups visited the Dharma halls and the orchards on the mountain; there are durian trees, mangoes, mangosteens, and Taiwan “Pouchong tea” and highland coffee are planted.

At noon, the Venerable abbot led the group to the vegetarian restaurant owned by the devotees for lunch.

After lunch, the group took a boat to tour Lake Toba.

View the beautiful million year’s freshwater lake that was formed by the volcanic eruption.

The lake is more than ten times the land of Singapore, and there is a Samosir Island six times the size of Singapore.

After Lake Toba, drive straight to Brastagi to make a pilgrimage to Vihara Mahavira Madivana Graha.

The Vihara Mahavira Madivana Brastagi is at a high altitude of 1450 meters, and there is hot spring water at the back of the mountain.

Facing south and west, you can see the highest active volcano in Mount Brastagi: Mount Sinabung.

In the evening, some devotees stayed at the Temple Pilgrims Lodge Vihara Mahavira Madivana.

The next morning, there are Sangha novices’ ordination ceremony in the holy city, Mahakaruna Buddhist Center.

After holding the sāmaṇera precepts, some of the Venerables left Medan earlier.

Devotees participated in a series of activities on the founding anniversary of the holy city cultivated extraordinary merit and virtue, abs planted the seeds of Bodhi.