Lian Chee Kek Buddhist Temple & Beeh Low See Temple Organized the Grand Celebration of Bhaisajyaguru Buddha’s Birthday

Temple News:

On October 24, 2022, the 29th day of the lunar ninth month, Lian Chee Kek Buddhist Temple held the Bhaisajyaguru (Medicine) Buddha blessing prayer on the birthday of the Bhaisajyaguru Buddha.

Three days before the prayer ceremony, the residential sangha led all devotees to recite the Bhaisajyaguru Buddha Sutra.

The Bhaisajyaguru Dharma method is a very important cultivation Dharma in Mahayana Buddhism. The Bhaisajyaguru(Medicine) Buddha Sutra emphasizes the liberation of sentient beings from illnesses, suffering, disasters, and misery.

Nowadays in society, especially in this era of advanced technology, human beings are facing the biggest challenge. Our inner imbalance caused to pursue endless material desires, that neglect our inner peace.

Unbalanced mentalities often can be disastrous breed evil sins and crimes that eventually make the country full of disasters. The Buddhist sutra states: “When one Buddha is born in the world, a thousand Buddhas come to support him.”

The Lord Buddha preached the Bhaisajyaguru Buddha Dharma and was praised by all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten directions.

The sentient beings in the Saha land have committed immeasurable and boundless crimes, to end the suffering, one should cultivate right thoughts, remember the mighty virtue of the Triple Gem (i.e Buddha, Dharma & Sangha), practice the Bhaisajyaguru Buddha’s twelve great vows to clean and purify our mind.

Buddhist practice is aimed at correcting the inner section of one’s own mind. A clear and pure mind is a prerequisite for the arising of wisdom.

When the Bhaisajyaguru Buddha on the causal ground, he practiced the bodhisattva way, cultivated diligently and upheld the precepts carefully at all times.

Through such cultivation of precepts, samadhi and wisdom, they attained transcendental wisdom and inconceivable spiritual powers and attained Buddha-hood.

As long as everyone has bodhicitta, recites the sutra, mantras, and recites the holy name of the Bhaisajyaguru Buddha, and cultivate the twelve great vows of the Bhaisajyaguru Buddha, one will achieve supreme Enlightenment.

Hungry living beings get good food, sick and suffering beings get the Supreme King of Medicine, and troubled and suffering beings get the joy of Dharma.

All living beings who commit crimes with suspicion and ignorance can be purified physically and mentally, and disasters will gradually be eliminated.

Therefore, the Bhaisajyaguru Buddha’s Dharma is a great method for humanistic Buddhism.

On the completion day of the prayer, the Sangha lead all devotees to pay homage to the Compassionate Bhaisajyaguru Buddha Kshamayati Repentance Sutra and transference the prayer merit to the world’s pandemic, to pray for an end to the pandemic, and to gain merits for their cultivation, to feel relaxed and secure.

On October 30th, the sixth day of the lunar tenth month, Beeh Low See Temple, conducted the Bhaisajyaguru Buddha Repentance Kshamayati Sutra Prayer Assembly. The residential Sangha led all devotees to take homage and prostration to the Bhaisajyaguru Buddha Kshamayati Sutra.

More than 300 devotees attended the prayer. In the Buddhist scriptures, “Reciting the Buddha’s name once brings infinite blessings. Bowing once to the Buddha eradicates as many offenses as there are sand grains in the Ganges River.”

The prayer assembly is grand and solemn, under the leading of the Sangha, all devotees are pious and repent devoutly.

The Bhaisajyaguru Buddha Repentance Kshamayati Sutra is composed of the content of Bhaisajyaguru Buddha Sutra. Practicing the Repentance Kshamayati can obtain the greatest merit and virtue, arouse the Bodhi mind, and achieve the Enlightenment .

Through visualization and practice, dedicate meritorious deeds to all sentient beings including our parents, relatives, friends and all beings.

With this ritual, the meritorious virtues are supreme and solemn, and disasters and obstacles will gradually be ceased and eliminated.

With solemn great compassion will be able to obtain the merits of “samyaksambodhi”, which means full awakening, and equal and perfect enlightenment in the future.