The 12th World Chinese Buddhist Sangha Conference was held at Guangde Monastery in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Mahavira News:

On March 29, 2023, the lunar 8th day of the 2nd leap month, the twelfth World Chinese Buddhist Sangha Conference was held in the auditorium of Guangde Monastery in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Most Venerable Hui Xiong, the abbot and Senior Vice President cum Secretary General of the World Buddhist Sangha Council was invited to attend the opening ceremony and deliver an opening speech.

The World Chinese Buddhist Sangha Conference was first established in 1965. It is an exchange platform to unite Mahayana Chinese monks around the world.

At the Opening Ceremony, all participants commemorate the founding president, Elder Venerable Bai Sheng, and the late second president, Elder Venerated Jingxin, who entered nirvana three years ago.

We have entered the era of the most advanced technology, which is also the greatest test of religion, especially Buddhism.

While adapting to the trend of the times, it can also promote Humanistic Buddhism in the religious community.

Humanistic Buddhism is not vulgar, not a secular idea. The significance of Humanistic Buddhism lies in adapting to the new era and at the same time, it can practice Buddhism in our daily life and promote dedication to society, as long as it can benefit all human beings greatly.

Only then can we achieve the Bodhisattva’s aim of benefiting sentient beings.

The future development of Buddhism will be the biggest challenge. We will face a great test for the development of temples in the future because of the endless pursuit of human beings for material desires, and we will never be able to satisfy our own pursuits.

The General Meeting of the World Chinese Buddhist Sangha Conference reports on the affairs and finances of the past three years.

Through discussions, the training courses for the Sangha will continue to organize, so that the International Mahayana Sangha can obtain greater help and benefits.

The conference also conducted the Blessing ceremony to pray for world peace and eliminate disasters. At the same time, the memorial ceremony for late founding presidents, Elder Venerable Bai Sheng, Elder Venerable Jing Xin, and Elder Venerable Yuan Zong.

At noon on March 30th meeting, after discussion, Most Venerable Ben Jing was elected as the third president of the World Chinese Buddhist Sangha Conference, and several vice presidents were elected as follows:

  •  Most Venerable Hui Xiong representing Indonesia.
  •  Most Venerable Zhao Chu representing United States
  •  Most Venerable Ru Zheng representing Malaysia
  •  Most Venerable Chuan Zhen representing Taiwan
  •  Most Venerable Fa Zhao representing Singapore
  •  Most Venerable Xin Mao representing Taiwan
  •  Most Venerable Jingyao representing Taiwan
  •  Most Venerable Kuan Yun on behalf of Hong Kong
  •  Most Venerable Liao Ming representing Vietnam and all Management executive members.

At noon, the late Most Venerable Yuan Zong’s disciples offered a vegetarian banquet for all the participants and ends the meeting.

I am very grateful to the organizer Guangde Monastery for carefully arranging accommodation and reception.