In Celebrating the Chinese New Year, the Temple distributed 3,000 New Year hampers and ‘Ang Bao’ to the local citizens

Mahavira News:

On 6 January 2023 at noon, in the Auditorium of Wihara Mahavira Graha, the Indonesian Buddhist Center Association in welcoming The Chinese New Year distributed 3000 hampers and red packets to the local Chinese Citizens in the suburbs area.

Mr. Supriyadi, director of the Buddhist Bureau of the Ministry of Religion of Indonesia, led by Venerable Abbot Most Venerable Hui Xiong, the Senior Vice President cum secretary-general of the World Buddhist Sangha Council, entered the auditorium to preside over the ceremony of distributing hampers and red packets.

The Venerable Abbot emphasized that when we initiate a Bodhicitta to help our locals, show care and love to welcome the new year and have the opportunity to plant a field of blessings, as the donors, we should practice the Bodhisattva way, and help more people.

People live an auspicious and hopeful year, and they must let go of all troubles and forgive others.

Make commitments through right thought, and treat all the people around us equal. Only then can we obtain the highest merit of compassion and welcome a new auspicious year with solemn merit and good fortune.

Mr. Yu Yuling, the presidium of the temple and social leader, delivered a New Year speech:

Human beings are facing the greatest catastrophe.

We were affected by colds in the past, and now the world is affected by the spread of the Covid epidemic worldwide.

Now the government reopen the border, we can move freely, but we have to let go of everything, don’t get attached, train our bodies, boost our immunity, and coexist with the virus.

The minister Mr. Supriyadi, Director of the Buddhist Department, gave a New Year speech:

Through the festival, we must build a large ethnic community, and some religious races can offer care for the society in order to achieve a harmonious society and purify the mind.

The Venerable abbot led the Sangha Venerable Bo Rue from Australia, the director of the Buddhist Bureau of Ministry of Religion, and the leaders of various associations, together to hold the ceremony to welcome the New Year, distributing hampers and red packets the elders and all leaders from associations, temple volunteers took the group pictures under the leading of the Venerable abbot.