The Ullambana Grand Buddha-Sangha Offering & Blessing Convention For the World Peace

Mahavira News:





On August 28, 2022, the 2nd day of the lunar 8th month, Sunday morning, the Wihara Mahavira Graha Buddhist Building organized the Buddha-Sangha Offering & Pray for the world peace Convention. The grand event was held in the auditorium.

More than 80 sangha monks from three main Buddhist sect Mahayana, Theravada & Tibetan are invited to pray for world peace.

The Venerable abbot Venerable Hui Xiong led Venerable Dhammasubho, Venerable Chuan Xiong, Venerable Hong Hui, Venerable Xue Liang, and all sanghas reciting the Ullambana Sutra, chant the Pali scriptures and Tibetan scriptures.

After the Buddha Puja, Venerable Abbot let all sanghas to the Arahat Piṇḍola Bhāradvāja seater, offer incense and recited the offering mantra.

The devotees devoutly recited the offering mantra and presented their devout offerings to the Sanghas. The devotees devoutly offered the four offering requisites, there are food, clothing, bedding & medicine.




Venerable Dhammasubho from Theravada was invited to give a Dharma speech.

He said the long-term disaster had made each of us live in self-isolation. In fact, the epidemic is also slowing down the pace of life, so that we cannot get lost in the endless pursuit of material things, which can lead to various tragedies in life, and participating in Buddhist offerings is to seek happiness.

Venerable Chuan Xiong in his Dharma speech said as a Buddhist, one must do good deeds, and to cultivate merit,one must have a correct concept and right thought. If you cannot face the challenge and difficulty, you will retreat. The purpose of holding this Dharma convention is to cultivate merit and virtue for the devotees.

At the convention, Venerable Xue Liang hoped that sangha and devotees would obtain extraordinary merits by participating in the dharma assembly. At the same time, on behalf of the Mahayana Sangha Association in Indonesia, he congratulated everyone healthily and auspicious.



澳中佛教總會會長、大會貴賓 般若大和尚佛法開示談到印尼是一個佛教古國。印尼雖然伊斯蘭教占多的國家但跟泰國一樣,受到佛教文化的影響。





Venerable Hong Hui said the global Covid disaster brought people a sense of fear. Therefore, the scary and fear about this epidemic is not the virus, but the uncontrollable fear that leads to the reduction of the body’s immune system and even death.

The reason why Lord Buddha taught us to live a healthy life. The main thing is that the disease virus enters from the mouth, so one must pay more attention to our diet. Those who are healthy are the most blessed.

The Guest of honor, President of the Australia-China Buddhist Association Venerable Bo Rue said that Indonesia is an ancient Buddhist country. Although Indonesia is a country with a majority of Islam, like Thailand, it is influenced by Buddhist culture.

All high-ranking government officials have used the culture of hand gesture with folded palms from ancient times to the present, and it is a country with very Buddhist culture. Early Buddhism flourished here, and he believed that everyone’s hard work will surely bring this piece of pure land into the world again.

The Venerable abbot delivered an appreciation speech and thanked all the Sanghas for attending the Ullambana offering and Dharma blessing convention.

After this convention, we need to perform filial piety and repayment of kindness and to cultivate and practice the precepts so that the disasters in the world can eliminate, and the troubled and suffering can cease.

Buddhists not only do good deeds, and donate, but we do every kind of deeds and offerings for the sake of bodhicitta, and only for the benefit of all sentient beings. The most important thing is to do good deeds, practice cultivation, to eliminate our troubles, learn the compassionate great vows of the Bodhisattva, and be a humanistic Bodhisattva with a happy life.


After enjoying the Buddhist dances and Buddhist songs, everyone stood up and sing “Song of Amitabha “to send off the Sangha masters and all guests.