Mahavira Buddhist Center

Vihara Mahavira Graha Pusat

About Mahavira Graha Pusat

was built in North Jakarta. The Temple faces southwards with a background of mountains as well as facing the sea. With the construction of this building, it is hoped that the modern Buddhist religion is able to teach the Buddhist people from various levels the importance of learning Buddha Dharma.

Jl. Lodan Raya no 6B, Ancol Barat – Jakarta Utara

Jl. Lodan Raya no 6B, Ancol Barat – Jakarta Utara


In 1989 when the monastery Abbot, Ven. Prajnavira Mahasthavira returned to Indonesia to spread the teaching of the Dharma, it turned out that the Buddhists who came to the Mahavira Graha Lautze Monastery were increasing drastically, to the point whereby during public services and Dharma preaching the conditions of dharmasala were full of people. For that reason, the upcoming year after the purchase of land in the North Jakarta area of Ancol housing, the Prabha Sila Hall was established as a memorial to the Parinirvana of Ven. Bai Sheng as the Dharma teacher of the Abbot who entered his 3rd year. Four years later, in 1993, the monastery finally got permission to establish a 12-storey place of worship.


Every floor of the Buddhist Building Indonesia has an area of more than 2800m2, the 1st and 2nd floor is built with the arrangement of a large Buddhist Hall that can accommodate more than 3000 visitors at the commemoration of the big day; the front section of the 3rd floor has an altar which height reaches over two floors used as an aula for Dharmasala, the rear section is used for Dharma Preaching hall; the front section of the fourth floor is used as a library, while the back is used as the Ancestral Hall and Recitation of the Buddha’s Name; The 5th floor arranged with 28 rooms with meeting rooms, living room and etc; while the lower part of this building is designed with an area that can accommodate 80 tables as a dining room, Ash Room, Buddhist Culture and so on. So, the Indonesian Buddhist Building became a place of worship as a means of spreading the first Modern Buddhist in Indonesia.


Vihara Mahavira Graha Center annually hosts various kinds of very diverse and interesting spiritual activities. Every Sunday at 9 am a service for teenagers, young people and students is held; then at 10:30 more than thousands of people came to attend public services and listen to Dharma sermons; On the same day Chinese courses and other Foreign Languages are opened, dance studios, lion and dragon dance community, Volunteer training / Buddhist volunteers, female Dharma discussions, at 1pm Buddhists led by Sangha members visits patients in places of rehabilitation for people with mental disorders to pray for them and bring nutritious food and drinks to be shared with these patients as a form of caring for others and other routine activities; every Friday some Buddhist volunteers led by Sangha members go to cancer patients to give encouragement and hold prayers together; every Saturday afternoon, a Chinese language service is held and then followed by a bazaar of cheap basic foods for Buddhists in need. Because it is located in the capital, in order to develop the Dharma VMGP, we also provide funding for educational assistance to Buddhists, gives concern to the community and often hold various kinds of Dharma seminars and discussions as well as many other activities.