The Central and East Java Indonesia Organized Series of Dharma Assembly on the Happy Buddha Days.







The Central and East Java Indonesia Organized Series of Dharma Assembly on the Happy Buddha Days.

Mahavira News:

Central Java is a very old city in Indonesia where Cheng Ho, Ming dynasty admiral and explorer had stationed six hundred years ago. Wihara Mahavira Semarang was established in the main city of Central Java Semarang.

The month of filial piety is held every lunar seventh month from lunar 15th to 22nd.

The Chief abbot Most Venerable Hui Xiong led all residential Sangha to chant and prostrate the “Precious Repentance of the Vajrya Prajna Kshamayati Sutra,” In the evening, a Grand Meng Mountain Offering Ceremony was conducted.

After the consummation of the ceremony, more the hundred of devotees participated in releasing water lanterns ceremony.

Thereafter the chief abbot performed the prayers and delicate the prayer merits to all sentience beings, hoping COVID-19 pandemic will be controlled as soon as possible, people will be blessed, and be free from fear and worries.

As a Buddhist, when we participate in a prayer ceremony and transfer merits to all sentience beings, our practice in the bodhisattva way, will surely obtain extraordinary and infinite supreme merits.

The next day morning, the abbot continued to led everyone to pay tribute to the prayer ceremony, the abbot was invited to give the Dharma speech after the Buddha puja. He talked about the Vajra Prajna Paramita Sutra ( Diamond Sutra ) is the most important cultivation practice for all sentient beings in the land of Sahā . If human beings let go of our ego, there will be no fearless, and we will surely be able to keep away from all the troubles in our life. However, human beings clings to the false notion of an ego, people cannot give in to each other, thinking that they have done nothing wrong and arrogantly oppose each other.

A Buddhist should learn to forgive, do not cultivate hatred, and be filled with the merits of indwelling, coupled with the development of bodhicitta and learning the way of the bodhisattva’s great Compassion, all disasters in the world will be blessed by the Dharma. When all worries cease,there is no fear in life and free in the world.

At noon, according to the Ullambana Festival , there is offering ceremony to the Buddhist Sangha. After the completion of the offering ceremony, the abbot and all residential sangha drove to East Java Province Surabaya Vihara Mahavira Graha Surabaya Temple, to preside over the Buddha’s Happy Day Gratitude Prayer Ceremony.

On the lunar 23rd day of the seventh month, many local devotees and various social groups are waiting for the abbot. At 5pm in the afternoon, the abbot led all Sangha and the devotees to perform holy water sprinkle ceremony and prostration to the Compassion Samandhi Water Repentance Kshamayati Sutra. About 60 devotees attended the Grand Meng Mountain Offering Ceremony conducted in the evening.

The next morning, the abbot continue to led the devotees to worship the Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance until noon before the Buddha puja is complete. Due to the recent covid pandemic in Indonesia, the number of infected cases had reduced from almost 50,000 per day to 6,000 cases. At the same time, the monastery has just been open under the government’s policy.

During the lunar seventh month, the Dharma propagation will continue to be held through lives streaming online in order to calm the tension of the devotees during this Covid pandemic and hoping that through chanting, worshiping, listening to the Dharma, and

relieving poverty, the devotees will understand and realize that everything in the world is impermanent. “When the fate begins, cherish it. When it ends, follow it. When it comes, accept it.” We need to put down our clinging and persistence and devoutly repents in front of the triple gems (ie Buddha,Dharma & Sangha) with the pure water of compassion and samadhi.

Although the global epidemic has not yet been reconciled, as long as everyone has the confidence to reform themselves, commit , repent and tolerance with each other, the common karma of this global disasters will surely purify, the world will be peaceful and creating a pure land on earth.