The temple Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and Bless for Nation & People.




下午06.15分,本山住持及主席團進入大禮堂。通過僧伽燃燈、四衆拈香、諷誦經咒為社會國家信衆消災祈福。在誦念祈禱文,本山住持説明有形 無形的衆生都是六道一切群靈。由於世間衆生所造的共業形成一股殺業冤氣並在科技迅速的發達,衆生只求享受物質,忽略種善因所形成的果報。



The temple Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and Bless for Nation & People.

On September 18, 2021, the evening of 12th lunar eight month. The Cultural Hall of the Temple held a blessing for the Nation & people to eliminate disasters,and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. For more than two years, the temple stopped all activities during the pandemic Covid-19. Many devotees hope to gather together celebrating this festive season.

Therefore, the chief abbot after discussing with the Sangha decided to allow not more than hundred devotees to attend the Mid-Autumn Festival. All attendees will have antigen testing before enter the auditorium hall. At 06.15 pm, the abbot and the presidium entered the auditorium. The Sangha led the devotees lighting the lamps, incense, and chant the mantras, pray for disaster relief and bless for the Nation & Peoples.

In the prayers, the abbot explained that the tangible and intangible beings are all the spirits of the six realms. The common karma created by all beings in the world has formed a slaying anger karma and calamity.

The rapid development of advance science and technology had make all beings blindly pursue material, and neglect doing good deeds and built good causes. As long as everyone has the confidence to overcome the spread of the pandemic, refrain from killing, face the reality and our own consequences through tolerance and commitment.

Use the concepts of perseverance, great compassion, and broad-mindedness to overcome the pandemic, and strengthen our spiritual practice and calm our own minds and hearts and to cultivate qualities like love, compassion, wisdom and skill so that we are balanced and prepared to bring benefit to others, so that the spread of the pandemic can be controlled as soon as possible, and the world disaster will eliminate.

We will delicate tonight’s merits to the pandemic deceased. May their hatred and attachments will let go, be free from suffering, and reborn to pure land paradise. In addition May the living be relieved from disasters ,
sickness and suffering, be physically and mentally happy, and be auspicious at all time.

In the evening, through chanting mantras,sing the song of Triple Gems and followed by the Sangha blessing all new devotees with holy water. The presidium representatives distributed the “Fu Hui” moon cakes to each attendee. In order to compliance with pandemic prevention measures and safety, only seven guests were seated at each table for the dinner. Since there is no mask during the meal, the entire Mid-Autumn Festival banquet completed in 20 minutes. The devotees have not been participated in the activity in the past two years, everyone has come up to sing karaoke Buddhist songs. The whole Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration ended before 8 o’clock, and everyone was full of joy.